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Jesus' Name is Bringing Heaven to You

The LORD God is looking directly upon you. Every time you speak the name of Jesus Christ with faith the angels are required to do something. The name of Jesus moves the spiritual beings that are in heaven and in earth. All of the invisible world responds to the miracle power of God’s name. When they hear the name, they look at the person who is calling upon the name; they then draw near and they join in fellowship. The angels, principalities, and powers of heaven begin speak and sing the name of Jesus with you. The environment shifts and the atmosphere becomes saturated with invisible glory.

When you speak the name of Jesus, the demons walk away. They cannot stand to be in the presence of the name of Jesus because it torments them and causes them pain. Every unclean spirit departs from the body and sicknesses begin to mend. The invisible world of darkness is painfully impacted by the name of Jesus Christ. They are required to take their hands off of the person who calls upon the name of Jesus; they must flee. Supernatural energy from heaven replaces every other energy. The angels come into the room and evil spirits must leave the room. When the name of Jesus is called the enemy is captivated, capitulated, constipated, and capsulated. You have the power to take anyone you desire into the recesses of heaven by declaring JESUS, JESUS, JESUS.

The Almighty God looks directly upon you when you call upon the name of Jesus. His eyes zoom directly upon the child of God who calls His name. There is no place on earth that He cannot see you or send strength to you when you call upon Him. He sets you above principalities and powers, gives you the ability to tread upon serpents and scorpions, and over all the power of the enemy. The glory of God begins to grow upon you, strengthen you, and empower you. Peace begins to multiply all around you and the longer you wait in His name the more anointing is spread all over you.

God gives you true dominion in the world when you become one with the name of Jesus. Multiplication of blessings and resources begin to locate you. Divine favor and strength will rest upon. It will increase more and more. Hear the voice of God today and begin building yourself and your atmosphere with the power of the NAME above all names. You will receive His holiness, righteousness, anointing, power, joy, and glory.

References: Psalm 89:17/24, Psalm 27:14, Jeremiah 33:3, Joel 2, Romans 10:13, Acts 4:12, Luke 10:19, 2 Chronicles 7:14, Isaiah 41:25

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In His service,

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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- Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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Abi Deann
Abi Deann
Nov 18, 2023

There’s Power in the name of Jesus!!! 🙌🏾


JESUS, JESUS, JESUS❣️🙌🏼 Thank you Almighty Jesus for what’s to come. I’ve been obedient, I’ve been faithful & I will continue🛐


Amen 🙏

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