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The Lord has asked for you to seek His righteousness.  The Lord has asked for you to pursue after His righteousness.  The Lord has called for you to hunger and thirst after His righteousness.  He said, this is the place that you will be blessed and this is the place that you will receive everything that you need, want, and desire.  In your pursuit of righteousness, you will find love and every gift that belongs to you. 

None of us are perfect, but everyone of us can ask God for His perfection.  None of us are righteous in our own flesh, but we can ask God to give us His righteousness.  By faith, God will give you the spirit of righteousness for free.  By faith you will be a partaker of His holiness, all you have to do is ask Him.  The Lord Jesus Christ will cover you with heaven’s most important attribute, RIGHTEOUSNESS.

Righteousness is the key to accessing the Kingdom of Heaven.  Righteousness is the key to standing in the presence of the Lord Jesus Christ.  You can have it freely by desiring it and asking God for it.  Abraham obtained righteousness because He believed God and because He believed God, he became the father of all those who receive righteousness because they call upon the name of the Lord.

Today is a sign that it’s time to stop working so hard to satisfy your needs by worldly endeavors.  Today is a sign that you may have everything you need by simply gaining access to God.  Remember, God wants you to be fulfilled. 

God wants you to be blessed.

God wants you to have all of your needs met.

God wants you to have His Spirit.

God wants you to have peace.

God wants you to have joy.

God wants your family to prosper and be in health.

God wants to spend eternity with you.

Just Start moving towards Him and His righteousness and your life will begin to overflow.  He is going to open to you all manners of good things.  Ask and you will receive, seek and you will find, knock and the doors will be opened unto you.  You are going to experience the presence of God.  You are going to take back what the enemy stole from Adam, God’s righteousness.  You are going to experience Jesus Christ himself.

References: Genesis 15:6/Psalm 24:3-4/Matthew 5:6/Matthew 6:33/Matthew 7/Romans 4:3

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In His service,

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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- Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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Amen Pastor hallelujah Jesus I know my identity I am the righteousness of God in Christ hallelujah and I will get back everything the Devil stole from me


AMEN 🙏🏿 Yes i receive the word thank you for sharing with me I'm officer I pulled over on the shoulder and read the entire message that was sent to me I'm a believer I'm the right hand man to my Bishop and I pray and thank GOD everyday.


Yes Lord Jesus! I receive this word in Jesus name! Lord I ask for you to give me your righteousness in Jesus name!



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