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Keep the Fire Power of God in Your Life

Power from heaven is going to descend upon you. Power from heaven is going to fill you and lift you. Power from heaven is going to transform you. Power from heaven is going to break every worldly attachment from you. Power from heaven is going to rebuke the devil and the flesh from your life. You will arise in the glory of Jesus Christ and you shall do great things. 


To keep your fire for God all you need to do is meet Him daily at the altar of praise and worship! God wants you to have the virtue needed to bless and deliver those who need Him. He wants you to feed those who are spiritually hungry and thirsty. Jesus Christ wants you to meet the needs of those who are without covering and without care. You are called of God to do this work. Don’t forget that the greatest gift you can give to anyone is the Word of God. The Word of God is the most important thing in all creation; by the Word of God was the world itself created.  


The Heavenly Father is Creator of all things! He is the Eternal Power that fuels all existence. The Holy Spirit is the manifested presence of God, He is the Ancient of Days that inhabits the heights of heaven and rests His feet upon the earth. The Son of God is Jesus Christ and He has made it possible that the Father and the Holy Ghost may abide within you. That same power is flowing through you when you call upon the name of Jesus. 


This glorious power of God takes over your life when you pray, when you worship, when you read His word and it empowers you to make anything possible in the earth. Go out and do the work of the Lord. The Heavenly Father is raising your level of thinking that you might see how glorious and wonderful He is. He is raising your level of awareness so that you might realize that the most profitable and eternal business is His business in the earth. Let God use you by His glorious power. 


References: Colossians 1:15, Romans 1:20, Matthew 5-10 


Don’t miss the anointed teaching and coaching sessions. Register for the Kingdom Leadership Program. Go to and select “Kingdom Leadership” and join the school. We meet every Sunday for private development sessions. You will become the next spiritual leader in your community. 


-DO YOU WANT TO BE SAVED?  Send a message to to set up your Baptism in the Name of Jesus Christ. 


In His service,  

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith 



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Misti May
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