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Let me encourage those of you who have poured into the lives of others and it feels like your cup was emptied in vain…

God is bringing people into your life that will uplift you, bless you, and cover you. They will appreciate you and erase the memory of those who mistreated you. The time is coming that you will be repaid for all those who sucked the life out of you and didn’t support you. God is writing some new people into your story. They are going to build you, increase your value, and partner with you in very beautiful and meaningful ways. You will see that your former connections were dark compared to the light that is coming in this season. You will receive blessings without the drama, appreciation without the heavy loads, and friendship without strain. It’s going to be precious, keep believing.

-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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Nov 22, 2022



Krishna Chalamala
Krishna Chalamala
Oct 18, 2022



Have mercy on me lord..amen


AMEN 🙏🏽 💖


Dana Paul Calabro
Dana Paul Calabro
Oct 10, 2022

I needed this so badly. I am Ready for this new season and people who will refresh me and appreciate me! Glory to God hallelujah Jesus

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