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Pay Your Spiritual Light Bill

The name of Jesus gives you power over the devil. Jesus is the only person and weapon of warfare that satan truly fears. The enemy knows that our weapons rust, he understands that our gifts wane, and he comprehends that our lights dim. The name of Jesus is a weapon that is second to none! Why? Jesus is the Head of all principality and power; He infinitely exceeds us in glory. We may have received power, but our flesh is corruptible. To defeat the enemy you need the power of Jesus! You need the perfection of Jesus and the anointing of Jesus.

Jesus paid the price for light to come into this dark world. Everything in the world lies in wickedness, the whole program is in disarray, but Jesus installed the spiritual power grid that allows anyone to connect to the source of light. Those who call upon the name of the Lord and read the word of God tap into the electrical system of God. Those who call upon the name of the Lord have light in their spiritual homes. Perfection is not a requirement, but all have light; sinlessness is not a requirement, but all who follow have light; personal strength is not a requirement, but all who call on that name have the light that comes from heaven to light up the earth.

The enemy attacks you because he is completely fearful that the world will come to the knowledge of what really brings light. He doesn’t battle our dress codes, language, or standards; He battles any knowledge that points man to Jesus Christ. He battles any man or woman that will turn others to the light of God’s power and virtue. He doesn’t want anyone to sign up for God’s electricity, God’s light system, and God’s power grid through repentance, baptism and the infilling of the Holy Spirit. He battles anyone that comes to the light because he is no longer the light bearer. Jesus is the Light of the World. To stay tapped into spiritual vision and spiritual light, we must stay connected to Jesus. We need to pay the light bill. The only charge for the light is to call upon the name of the Lord!

God has made it so easy for us to pay our spiritual bills; we don’t buy it with money, we buy it with our belief in God! We don’t pay for it with our own works and labors, but with faith in the Only begotten Son of God. Whoever follows Jesus Christ and calls upon His name will walk in the light as He is in the light. Even the imperfect man with Christ is more glorious than the most perfect man without Jesus. Let us walk in the light and that light is only in Christ!

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-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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