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God Has Given You a Coat of Many Colors

God has called you to take His creative powers to the nations.  He is giving you opportunities that no one in your family has ever received and He is empowering you with an anointing to transform ever


The Heavenly Father has spoken and said FEAR NOT.  Why should you be afraid of tomorrow when God already holds every day in His hand.  The Most High God has called your name and said DO NOT BE AFRAID.

You Are Destined to Succeed in Christ

Your prayers are heard.  Your prayers will not be forgotten.  You will not remain in a desolate place.  You will not live in a lonely place.  You will not be barren or penniless.  The Lord Jesus Chris

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Hannes Deetlef
Hannes Deetlef
13 dic 2021
Contestando a

Hallo and please. What if this is a sence of humor Rd of lathing fun and have a person that only work with one and that the first one. And I know you been send. This is it. Please gide me. Give me direction. And what you do I also see a name brand in t shirt and gonna be the work and sighn you create and I give wording mesages. It's gonna happen. Leap of faith please

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