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Prophetic Word from the Lord! YOU MUST READ! Share!

Children of God, what is your biggest concern? What is the aching of your heart?

Is it not that you dread the wicked and despise the work of the ungodly?

Day after day their iniquities increase.

Night after night the enemy roams the street.

What is your greatest worry, O Child of Jesus Christ?

Is it that you fear for the destruction of your nation?

Are you afraid that your nation will become spiritual Sodom and Egypt?

Will she become the resurrected Babylon?

Fear not? This nation is not your nation, this nation is God’s nation.

The nation is the servant of the Lord and He will perfect His will.

The country was bought by Christ and He will execute His will.

You shall even rule all these nations with a rod of iron, and correct those who have gone astray.

Fear not Church of the Living God, I have called you to be my bride.

You will triumph!

The nations shall gather, but not by me.

The nations shall plan, but not by my counsel.

My counsel shall stand and my words shall be accomplished.

Do not fear man or what man would try to do to you, I have called you to rule in the midst of your enemies.

The nation is mine, the land is mine, and I have given it all to you, My Church.

The rulers and leaders have set themselves against me, but they shall not prevail.

I will call her to her knees and the children thereof to the altars.

They shall seek me and find me when they call upon my name; they shall acknowledge their sins.

My people shall cry unto me because they have not chosen my words.

They shall turn from their sins and confess that I, Jesus, am the only way.


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