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Spoken Prophetic Words

The fiery bullets of the flesh will be quenched

God is going to help you pray

Pray all the way through to the living waters

Your perfection was not the solution, The blood of Jesus is your solution

Overcome satan by the blood of Jesus and the Word of Your Testimony

We refuse to let the spirit of the flesh and it’s condemnation wear us down

Pray through the fire and confusion till life

Push through the glimpses and flickers of lies and keep going until God’s vision comes

We believe in spite of the midnight fight!

No matter what type of demon visits, we still believe God!

It ain’t that easy for Jesus to fall out of love with you! Jesus loves you!

God loves you in spite of you and in spite of your crazy mind!

The enemy cannot stop your praise!

Quit running from your problems and quit running from your mistakes! Run to them, praying in the Spirit.

Life will come

No matter what I go through I still believe God!

Let your prayer strengthen you in God

Your prayer is going to strength your faith and your spirit! Fuel your spirit!

You can’t drive your vehicle on an empty tank, neither can you drive your spirit on a life empty of prayer!

The devil wants to rob you of praying in the Holy Spirit. That’s why he sends stumbling blocks and mistakes, to discourage! Pray anyhow!

God is going to reward your prayer with water!

God is going to dry up those tears and wipe them away!

You may be dirty but the living water will come to wash you up if you will keep on praying!

That’s the purpose of coming to God in prayer that He may make that which is wrong, right! That which is dry refreshed and to be made sanctified by God again through the washing of the Holy Spirit!

You have been born of the Spirit, do you think you will be perfected by the flesh? No! Your perfection comes by letting God pray through you!

Don’t let anything run you away from God’s presence and power! Yield yourself into God!

Your body is the temple of the Holy Ghost and what can separate you from the love of God?

Nothing, no sin, no angel, no principality, no spiritual weapon, nothing can separate you from God! Greater is He who empowers you from within than he who attacks you from without!

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