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Supernatural Wisdom Points from the Spirit!


Here are some reasons you need to call upon the name of Jesus: Bring in God’s presence, receive angelic help, bless the environment, stay connected to eternal life, improve the quality of your life, sheer enjoyment of the benefit, bless your substance, build your home, bless your children, receive divine healing, create an atmosphere of peace, cover your family, draw lost souls, escape the result of hell, go to heaven with a full spirit, receive everlasting rewards and eternal blessings.

Every person is replaceable on earth. The proof exists in that God brings a new set of human beings approximately every 120 years.

The sound of music is forever ordained to activate the spirit of worship and the word of prophecy. The sound of praise has an ordained electricity built within. It works automatically and has divine programming. The ordination of divine healing is linked to music and supernatural pronouncements, even without motivation from others.

I hope this blessed you. Leave a comment in Jesus name!

Pastor Dr. Griffith

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Feb 23, 2023



Feb 22, 2023

Music is like a food for the soul.make sure your feeding it the right food. Satan also uses music he has declared many with his ungodly ways of performance.


AMEN 🙏🏽 💖


Athanase Noah
Athanase Noah
Feb 20, 2023

l'Éternel est mon partage 🙏


Awesome Word as I was reading I can relate to everything shared I have experienced it all! My home is my sanctuary of Devine peace! Where the oil of the Anointing captivate visitors to the point of overstaying their planned visit! Thank you Jesus! For your awesome presence! I reminisce on this reading brought joy and rejoicing to my heart! Thank you for stirring up the gift and your energy of encouragement! I love Jesus!

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