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The Glory of God is Going to Show Up in Your Life

The glory of God is going to show up in your life as you pray. Prayer is what attracts the Most High God. Prayer is what God has ordained as the mode of communication and relationship with Him. Prayer is ordained in heaven to work for eternity. God loves your prayers, so don’t stop praying. Angels take your prayers into God’s presence. Your prayers are directly connected to God. When you pray God will send His glory and power.

In 2 Chronicles 7, the Bible says that God sent the glory into Solomon’s Temple as soon as he was finished with His prayer. God sent the glory before any offerings were given, God sent the glory before any songs of praise. God sent His glory because a man prepared a house and made a simple prayer.

God is looking for your simple prayer. God is looking for you to pray a prayer that will touch His heart. When you pray the prayer that will answer God’s desire, He will give you unlimited resources to accomplish that plan and vision. God is saying to you today:

Pray until the glory falls…

Pray simple prayers…

Pray short prayers…

Pray long prayers…

Pray until the power moves your soul…

Pray until something happens…

Pray until the miracle you desire becomes manifested in the natural world…

Some amazing things are going to happen for you when you bow your heart before the Lord and pray. He will answer you in amazing ways. The God of heaven honors your faith and He wants you to pray like you never have before.

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-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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