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The Most Important Message for Us

The most important message that you will ever receive and the most important message that you will ever give to others is the simple message that “JESUS CHRIST IS LORD.” This is the message that must be proclaimed to the ends of the earth. The whole world is the possession of the New Adam, Jesus Christ. Whether the world accepts Jesus Christ as Savior or not, He is absolute LORD of all creation and every knee will bow to Him. This is the message we need to hear in the Church, this is the message we need in the streets. Today, we are ever learning, but never coming to the knowledge of what God truly wants.

Throughout the Book of Acts, the Apostle Paul is constantly being thrown out of the synagogues, thrown out of cities, and imprisoned. There is One Main Reason that He is constantly being attacked and that is because he is preaching that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD to people who don’t want to hear it. If he had preached prosperity, he wouldn’t have been persecuted. If he had preached tolerance, he wouldn’t have been attacked. If he had preached self-help he wouldn’t have been imprisoned. He preached JESUS CHRIST IS LORD and for people to get rid of their own ways and obey what Jesus Christ laid down as His Eternal Law and Policy.

When we truly understand that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD, then we realize that He is Lord of our human spirit. We are illuminated to the fact that our spirit is subject to him and our soul will be judged by Him and we need to change our ways. When we understand that JESUS CHRIST IS LORD for ourselves and when we teach it to others, change will be made. Because we recognized JESUS IS LORD:

We let go of our own agenda

We humble ourselves to do God’s will

We turn away from temptation

We deny our own desires and plans

We forgive others and begin to show love

We abandon the lusts of the world

We put down drugs, alcohol, and any substance that defiles our body

God is saying to us today, make it known, that Jesus Christ is LORD. In the world where men do what they please, teach lies, and promote lawlessness, let us not forget that the most important word is that JESUS IS LORD and they must obey. You may be talked about, accused, and rejected, but God is going to reward you for standing for His truth.

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-Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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Jesus the same, Yesterday today and forever! I am the Lord God and I change not!

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Dana Paul Calabro
Dana Paul Calabro
21. Apr. 2023


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Amen, Jesus Christ is Lord!!!

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