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The Promise of Supernatural & Divine Light

Let me encourage you to abide in the light! Allow me to exhort you to choose the lamp of God’s word! God’s word is the brightness that you need for your spiritual plant to receive energy! God’s word is the spiritual sun you require to grow upwards, without falling! God’s word is the photosynthesis necessary for delicate process of life to spring forth within you!

The enemy so wishes for you to seek the wisdom of man above the word of God! The devil understands that the highest man in the flesh is still darkness; he comprehends that the most moral man is still dust and death; he wishes for you to seek man in wisdom and spiritual things. The enemy desire you to seek familiar spirits, wizards, and false spiritualists because he knows that they only will bring you darkness. In the world we see a form of godliness in people who have no power! Today we see a show of the flesh and a falling away of those who once knew God but have walked away from the truth but use God’s sayings and His music in the secular world…

Only God’s word will infuse you with everlasting light! When you read the word of God you will begin to tremble as the energy of God flows through you. You will feel the glorious sensation of Jesus Christ as the light permeates every fiber of your being. The power of God will glow on you and you will realize that God is looking directly upon you! You will see the truth very clearly and manifest divine promises given by the Most High God!

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Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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