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The Spirit of God is Going to Work Miracles Through You

Hello Family,

I have a word from the Lord for you, share and be blessed!

There is coming a time of blessing to you that you haven't seen before. Through the obedience that you have towards the name of Jesus, miracles are going to flow your way. Hold up His name and focus on His word and supernatural healings are going to overtake you. Supernatural restoration is going to be your portion. Your faith is challenged to prove that you are who you say you are. Your devotion is challenged to identify that you belong to the King of kings. Don't relent, don't get weak.

In this season of the Word of God, you will prosper at every turn. You will grow and multiply, people will see your light from far away. You will be recognized for your labor, you will be rewarded for your service. Your name shall be called in rooms that you are not in, and the time to prophesy will present itself. As you go, testify to the goodness of God; prophesy to the nations and make His name known. God is causing you to bring forth new things and they will prosper upon the banks of the water. The living water will cause your spiritual grass to grow and your plants to blossom.

Follow the power of the Spirit in this season. Stay focused in the Holy Ghost, pray in the Spirit, and let the strength of God build you. Pray in the Spirit and allow the power of the Holy Ghost to repair you and heal you. The power of God is what you need for the divine nature to rest upon you. You will feel God all over your body as you pray through. You will receive prophetic revelation as the Spirit of God speaks from within you. He will empower you, encourage you, and bless you. Take this anointing to the nations; take this strength across the globe. You will prosper, you will not be defeated in Jesus name!

Pastor G

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