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The Tangible Manifestation of God in Your Life

There is a manifestation of the Spirit of God that we all need. When God manifest Himself through the believer, faith rises and the exchange is made to see miracles. When we deny the reality of the power of God, we are limiting ourselves to earthly means; we are weakening the power and influence freely given to us of God. God has ordained that you be provided with a reliable mode of communication with Him, a solid connection to the throne room of the Father, and with a means to articulate the concerns of your heart that are not easily understood by the regular mind.

There are many methods that the Spirit of God employs to express His tangible presence. He uses prophecy and the gift of tongues to enlighten men that the Divine Spirit is present and available. Prophecy exposes that the eternal God is available to talk about things of the past, present, and the future. It reveals that God’s thoughts are not limited, but that all intelligence stems from His divine cogitations. God uses the manifestation of the gift of tongues to let the world know that there is a God who speaks and communicates through those who have been born of the Holy Spirit of Jesus Christ. He talks through us and prays through us until our spirit man processes the words of God into our mind and body; additionally, the longer we yield ourselves the more the Spirit of God begins to flow upon us. This is truly the voice of God within you when you have the gift of tongues.

I Corinthians 14:2 is very clear when it says that He that speaks in tongues does not speak to men, but unto God. We understand that the more we communicate with others, the closer we become to them. We also understand that language is the foundation of all kingdoms and nations. With the manifestation of this divine gift, we both draw near to God, and we also solidify our place within His Kingdom. We speak His language of the Spirit, and we communicate with Him until we are one with Christ. I pray that as you build your faith, that you will ask God to grant to you gifts of the Spirit that make your faith experience not one of ambiguity, but of tangible reality in God.

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Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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