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The Heavenly Father has spoken and said FEAR NOT.  Why should you be afraid of tomorrow when God already holds every day in His hand.  The Most High God has called your name and said DO NOT BE AFRAID.  What is there to fear, but fear itself.  There is no fear in love, but perfect love casts out fear.  The King of kings has spoken and said WALK IN THE LIGHT.  There is no darkness in Him and He doesn’t want darkness to be in you.  You are called to LOVE and LIGHT.

You are called to a Spirit of Liberty and a Spirit of Freedom.  You have been chosen to represent Jesus Christ everywhere you go.  You have been ordained to represent His holy name.  Don’t be afraid of what you might lose, God has double in store.  Don’t be concerned about what you have to face, God is going to knock down every obstacle that stands before you.  He will make your path clear, He will make your path straight.  Stand your ground and walk the path that He has appointed for you.  Don’t be intimidated by the threats of the enemy.  Don’t be misled by a spirit of confusion.  Just like that, He will chop down the barriers that are blocking you and even now He is making a new path for you in the wilderness. 

The Spirit of God says I AM WITH YOU.  You are not doing this alone.  You are not charting this path alone.  You are not choosing the direction that He is leading you.  God says TRUST ME.  If you trust His plan and trust in Him, you will not fail and you will not be defeated.  No matter what they say and no matter what they do, God will do you right.  A door is being opened for you in this season.  Walk through the door; right when you least expect it, the Most High God will show His power and raise you up on high!

References: Isaiah 41:10, John 12:46

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In His service,

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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- Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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