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What Are You Waiting For?

What Are You Waiting For?

Go out and share the name of Jesus. Declare His word, declare His truth.

What are you waiting for? Souls are dying, many are in the balance.

Testify about what God has done.

Speak His word, speak His power.

The enemy wants to distract you by the enemies in your life. He seeks to distract you by necessities and desires, but you must be patient and continue to declare the truth!

As a leader, God is calling upon you to speak the word of God.

God is calling upon you to make His name known.

God is waiting for you to spread His message that there is power from God available.

God is commissioning you to proclaim that Jesus Christ is Lord.

This is not the time to get quiet, this is not the time to submit to the systems of the world.

This is not the time to allow the spirit of the world to oppress you and silence you.

This is the time to declare the whole counsel of God and help bring souls into God’s kingdom.

In the Kingdom, you have power. In the kingdom you have victory.

Let’s rise and tear down the dark prince of this world. Let’s rise and make the God of all goodness known, that He reigns and that the world doesn’t have to live in evil anymore.

As child of God there is more power in you to tear down everything satan has built. There is no power in this world that has a richer content of power and glory than that which we have been born again with. Let’s build the kingdom of God.

Repent and call men to repent. When we acknowledge our ways and repent of the evil, God will rain down manifold blessings upon our lives. Let’s make Him known!


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