What Does God Call You

What Does God Call You? As a believer it is so important that you understand how God views you, what He calls you, and what He has planned for you. Too many people settle, thinking they are slaves of God, never learning that they are endeared to the Father. When we finally perceive that we are the sons and daughters of God and become intimate with that knowledge then we become confident and fruitful. As close-knit children of God we worship the Lord, love the Lord, and serve the Lord; without that connectedness it’s impossible to have the energy and desire to carry out this work. To reassure us, God calls us many things and lets us know we mean so much to Him. He calls us: -Apple of His Eye -Beloved -Friends of God -Sons & Daughters of God -Sought Out -Chosen -Light of the World -Salt of the Earth -City Set on a Hill - Equal to angels -The Planting of the Lord -Trees of Righteousness -Kings and Priests

God wants you to know your name so you won’t accept any other name from the devil and his demons. Embrace your valuableness, your “favorite” status, and your intimate position with the Lord! Abide in Christ and you are called the righteousness of Christ!

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