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Who Will Ascend into Heaven

Who will ascend into heaven? Those who have clean hands and a pure heart. How are clean hands and a pure heart obtained?

  • Repentance is the first message Jesus preached, letting all of his followers know that we will have to live a life of repentance to remain clean.

  • The Blood of the Lamb is our spiritual soap that cleanses our hands and our hearts. We apply the blood by baptism in water in the name of Jesus Christ and living a life of repentance, calling upon the name of the Lord Jesus, and reading and declaring the Word of God.

  • God’s heavenly currency is faith and belief. God loves belief. Repentance is evidence that you believe in the only God of heaven and that He can forgive you of your sins.

  • The only work you can do with the flesh is take it to the waters of baptism for the body to be put to death and rise in the newness of life. God wants you to be a person who is alive, but who has a body that has been sacrificed in baptism and denial.

  • Physical circumcision represented death of the dominant controller of man, baptism represents the death of the whole man and rising of the spirit.

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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