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You Will Not Drown

You Will Not Drown in Jesus Name

Sometimes, like Peter, you may feel like you are sinking. In these times, your faith is struggling, you are doubting where God has called you, and you are struggling to believe that you are worthy. In the sinking, you are concerned that you won’t be able to succeed, that somehow your bills are going to swallow you up, and that you may have bitten off more than you can chew. Let me tell you, keep your eyes on Jesus Christ. Don’t take your eyes off the Lord for one moment and He will make sure that you won’t drown.

God calls us to the deep waters. It’s very easy for us to live on the shores and enjoy the peace of the shallow waters, but God is calling us to the deep. Out in the deep is where our faith is tested. In the deep there is no way to escape…

In the deep we have to learn to trust God…

In the deep we have to face our fears…

In the deep we have to seek the face of Jesus…

In the deep the true measure of our faith is tested…

You are not going to drown because you are the temple of God. You will not sink because God has invested His power in your life and He preserves and saves His anointed. You will not drown because God is with you to lift you up. At the moment of your sinking, the Lord will step in to secure you. The man who steps out on faith to walk with God in the supernatural realm will walk on water.

You will defy the laws of gravity…

You will break the laws of physics and science…

You will be drawn beyond the realm of logic…

You will see things the natural cannot comprehend…

You may feel like you are sinking today, but if you put your faith in Jesus Christ you will overcome all things by the power of the supernatural Spirit of God.

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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6 comentários

Bridget LooneyAdams
Bridget LooneyAdams
27 de jan. de 2023



Amen 🙏




When thou passest through the waters, jesus will be thee; and through the rivers, they shall not overflow thee We Thank God🙏 our Anchor Holds and Grip The Solid Rock Jesus Chirsr. The Hope of Glory🙏🙏


Dana Paul Calabro
Dana Paul Calabro
25 de jan. de 2023

😭 I needed this!! Thank YOU Lord Jesus Glory to God

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