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SWG Horses & Inspiration



Share the gift of acceptance, the power of love and the promises in God’s word, while cultivating purpose through horses.



Encourage and facilitate spiritual, emotional, and physical healing and growth for the abused, oppressed and disadvantaged, by following the principles of Jesus Christ, living the Word of God, loving His people, and sharing our love for horses.




We are a Christ centered ministry, and an extension of Locked in the Liberty of Christ ministries (LILOC) under the leadership of Dr Jimmy Griffith. LILOC offers daily prayer calls, nightly bible studies, local fellowship, mentorship, and leadership/discipleship training. Our purpose is to motivate and empower you to find your purpose, through prayer and a close relationship with God.  Alongside these spiritual and emotional outreaches, we sponsor horseback riding lessons and other horse related experiences for selected individuals.



We love horses and this is truly a God inspired endeavor. My family and I have overcome many serious, life altering challenges through prayer and fellowship with God.  We want you to see how the “super” of God, and the “natural” of horses can be combined to bring forth healing and growth. Our objective is to sow into the lives of others with God’s great love, just like we were sown into. The Bible says we are created in God’s image, and He commanded us to love one another.


I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

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