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Welcome to LILOC

Locked in the Liberty of Christ House of Anointing and Apostleship

Locked in the Liberty of Christ (LILOC) has the vision to build the kingdom of God and unite the body of Christ, globally.  We have the mission to LIBERATE the followers of Christ on a spiritual, physical, social, and economic level.  Additionally, we are purposed to train and establish five-fold ministry leaders and spiritual gifts infrastructure, through teleconferencing, online communities, House-Churches, and Local Church international initiatives.  

Our Story

LILOC is established on various lines of effort, designed to teach, train, and equip believers in the multifaceted operations of God.  The organization focuses on teaching and training families in the areas of: Prayer, the Word of God, Fasting, Preaching, and Giving.  The aim is to train every individual to operate in spiritual gifts and spiritual warfare for the glory of God.

LILOC is broken up into various community organizations and groups focused on building the people of God and establishing local leaders.  The infrastructure is established to empower a strategic skill transfer and outreach.  Organizations include:

The Longevity Team

Griffith Global Foundation

Holy Spirit Healing and Prophecy Fellowship

LILOC Prophetic Prayer


The Local Bible Study Fellowship

Hallelujah Jesus Deliverance

The Wisdom Practice Community

Heavenly Family Program

LIBERATE Music Productions

LIBERATE Social Media Productions

The Writing Program

Kingdom of Jesus Christ & Holy Spirit of God 

Vision Gatherers

Washington DC Photographers

What We Do

Ways to Give & Tithe

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