Are You Struggling to Win

I know some of you are struggling today, and I know that many of you are wondering how in the world you are going to get out of the situations you are in! Let me encourage you to BE STILL! Wait on God and Don’t Give Up!

You may be fighting to keep your focus or struggling with your finances or physically hurting in your body but God knows exactly what’s going on! Some of you may be struggling to fast, struggling to pray, struggling in your mind or thoughts but press your way through! This is not the place to give up and this is not the time get weak! GET UP and keep fighting. Remember the Lord has prepared you for this!

YOU HAVE BEEN TRAINED…to struggle, to give up things, to suffer for His name! On the other side of this struggle you will see the glory of God…. REMAIN committed to God! Keep fighting in prayer! If things are not working the way you want pray through it! If the devil is speaking lies pray through it! Call on the name of the Lord and read through it!

The flesh is corrupted and weak. It will never be perfect, it will always lie, and it will never produce the power of the Spirit! Crucify the flesh and walk in the Spirit! Let the Spirit of God empower your visions and dreams, don’t be discouraged by the fiery darts thrown at you. Quench them by faith and keep pressing towards the goals of grace! BE ENCOURAGED AND DONT LOOK BACK! In Jesus name!!

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Pastor Dr Jimmy Griffith

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