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God is Removing Negative People from Your Life

The scripture tells us that we are to “Be kind to one another, tenderhearted, forgiving one another, even as God for Christ’s sake has forgiven you” (Ephesians 4:32). With that understanding, it is important to know that it’s not the will of God to be yoked with people who are mean, negative minded, and unforgiving.

There are several negative things that the Lord Jesus Christ is removing from your life today. He is removing negative and high-minded people, He is removing negative thoughts from your mind, and he is removing negative habits that are stealing your resources. Quite often the negative minded will think they are leaving you, but in fact it is God sending them away to teach them that they are the problem, wherever they go. Often times, they believe that their money or small contribution is enough to control the great affairs of your life and work. DO NOT SETTLE.

Don’t be afraid to let go of the negative. So many people are afraid to let go of things that hurt them; things that are negatively impacting their life and ministry. We are often concerned about losing that negative friend that does more damage than good; or that member of the family who tears down people, more than they lift; however, sometimes allowing God to remove the negative ones out of the picture is the best thing for your life, for your family, for your ministry, and for your future. Remember, anything multiplied by a negative number ultimately becomes negative. Let me encourage you today that the first step of growing your ministry, your family, your life, and your future prosperity is to remove those people, thoughts, and habits that pull you down.

Remember that God has already provided for you. God has already blessed and established you. God has already ordained for you to win and succeed through the power of His Holy Spirit. Realize, YOU DON’T NEED THEM.

If they are backbiters, release them.

If they are gossipers, release them.

If they are naysayers, move on.

If they are ungrateful, take your blessing somewhere else.

If they are poisoning your spirit, let them go.

If they are heady and high-minded, don’t waste your time.

If they are unteachable and un-coachable, dismiss them.

Remember, God has already assigned the humble to your life. They will come bringing light, joy, peace, and rewards from above. Don’t waste anymore time on the negative, focus on the positive.

In His service,

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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- Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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