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Good Morning LILOC FAMILY! A prophetic word to help you understand people in your life…

I got up this morning and was inspired to speak to someone about the various people that come into your life; their purpose, their continuance, and their exit. In our spiritual walk, offenses are very real and they may cause us to stumble in our Christian walk. One of the major ways we may be offended is through the disconnection of people from our lives! Some people struggle to get over the loss of friends, brothers and sisters, and fellow laborers and this bitterness follows us until we realize that there are so many plans that God has for our lives and that He is ordering our steps. Sometimes it is very importent to see things from God’s point of view and to realize the training program He is putting people through by sending them into your life. Sometimes you may be worried about the people who left you, but in reality God is sending them through their next life training session. Everything is on a schedule and they must go learn things that make them fit for heaven; sometimes they must depart to see if they have really mastered the lessons that God has taught them; and sometimes it is because they have failed to learn and they must go back and repeat the experience.

The important thing is that as believers we remember that God is in control of the future of every life we come in contact with. We are not to be the master of their life; we are not to dictate their next steps; we are not to get upset about where the Spirit of God is blowing them next in their life training program. Sometimes they must depart in order to understand that they do not have the attributes of faithfulness and loyalty and to come to realize that these attributes destroy good relationships. Whatever the case is, don’t be offended when people leave, they are leaving because they are being reassigned by God’s headquarters or they are being directed by the wrong spirit that they will learn from and be corrected by.

Give enough grace to everyone, understanding that we are all in Heaven’s training program and we constantly being placed in new positions.

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Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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