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The Spirit told me to tell you to be careful who you follow. Not everyone one that is running is going somewhere. Some are running to trouble, some are running to conflict, so be mindful of where you’re going.

Allow the Spirit to lead you and direct you! Continue to crucify the flesh, make it uncomfortable, and trap the enemy. Fasting and prayer are your greatest tools for subduing the enemy and strengthening your spirit! Put the works of the flesh to death and the Lord Jesus Christ will allow the Holy Spirit to rest upon you like springs of water!

The Lord is going to send people your way that you might minister to them the spirit of salvation. Your sons and daughters will grow up into sound witnesses and voices of truth. They will be spiritual giants in the earth, working God’s salvation. They will be a shield for you and they will convert the pride of the world’s youth to understanding. In Jesus name!

Jimmy Griffith

Apostle Dr, LILOC Church

If you need prayer, dial 1-833-552-7770

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