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Help is on the way.  Strength is on the way.  Power is on the way.

Today it may feel like you’ve given up a lot, it may feel like you’ve been taken advantage of.  You may feel a sense of discouragement because of the actions of others and you may feel hurt.  Right now you may also feel that you are lacking something that others may be enjoying, you may feel alone even though people are around you.  You may be feeling pain on the inside and you may have problems on the outside.  God says PRAY THROUGH.


Pray through the pain

Pray through the discouragement

Pray through the mountain

Pray through the hurt

Pray through the lack and the debt

Pray through the situation

Pray through the anger


Find a quiet place to release your heart to God.  The Father hears the intercession of the Spirit through you.  Just before you birth the miracle, discouragements will come.  Just before the dawning of the day, the attack of darkness is the worse.  PRAY THROUGH.  To pray through means that you need to Travail in the Spirit. .  IF YOU TRAVAIL YOU WILL PREVAIL.  IF YOU TRAVAIL YOU WILL GIVE BIRTH TO THE SUPERNATURAL MIRACLES.  Call upon the name of Jesus, pray in the gift of tongues, and travail and cry with deep groanings.  If you pray through you will feel better, God will give you confirmation of His presence.  He will show you the way out of your situation.


When you feel weak, you will experience POWER!

When you feel exhausted, you will experience REST!

When you feel anxious, you will receive ANSWERS!

When you feel aged, you will receive YOUTH!


Do not be discouraged, this is the call to PRAY THROUGH your situation until you feel the living waters flow.  God Himself will respond to your groanings.  You will not remain in the place of disappointment.  In Jesus name!

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In His service,

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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