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I want you to know that Jesus Christ has given us the power and the anointing to break the yoke of every demonic attack in this world. Right now we some very ungodly and demented wicked attacks across our land and this is the result of spiritual weakness around the world.

A lot of people don’t want to face the reality of mass shootings. Blame is being placed on those who believe in the right to bear arms, blames is being placed on those who think stricter gun laws are the problem but the reality of it is, is that no matter what you do things like this will happen unless the Spirit of God is ruling the city. Crazy people will be crazy no matter what.

Throughout the BIBLE we read about those who thirst for blood, those who have no rest unless they cause many to fall and die. We read of stories of children being out to death and caused to be burned by the fire for humanistic and idolatrous causes. See everyone is blaming the wrong one. People are blaming God, people are blaming people while the devil is laughing. For centuries children have been the object of satans attack. He killed all children 2 and under in Moses day. He killed all children 2 and under in Jesus day. He deceived parents and leaders in offering up their children to death to Baal and Molech. The enemy always wants to destroy God’s next generation of people and we see this same attack today.

We sit around and look surprised but abortion kills millions of babies every year, children are being attacked by media platforms to confuse their identity, children are being forced to accept death instead of having the opportunity to embrace God. But like I said none of this is new whatsoever. It’s been going on for millenniums and it will continue. Gun laws won’t change a thing. We actually have to change the spirit and mind of our nations and get back to the word of God!

The false god of this world is the one to blame. Nothing that we see happening is new. The scripture says that satan is a murderer from the beginning, he killed 1/3 of the angels. The spirit of death is upon the minds of our youth because they are children of the devil and not of God. Many of them don’t want God because they have never had the option to seek God because prayer and the word of God have been taken Out of the schools. So the only option they have is the devil and death.

If we truly care what is happening in the world with regards to mass shootings and the care of our little ones, let’s first remember that this demonic agenda has been going on since the beginning of human creation and then let us remember that gun laws have nothing to do with killing…mass killings happen with or without guns….let us remember that death is here because we reject the LIFE. Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the Life. We have to fundamentally change the spirit and mind of America if we want stop the wickedness. We have to stop it not on the physical level but on the spiritual level. In Jesus Name

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Pastor Dr Jimmy Griffith

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Amen, i completely agree.


Amen 🙏🏾


Amen 🙏🏽 💖

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