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You Will Soar in 2024

God is going to do new work in you.  Work your mind cannot imagine, things your spirit cannot comprehend.  He will open to you the windows of heaven.  He will speak divine blessings over you.  He will direct you in light.  He will guide you in truth.  God will show you the way that no one was willing to show you.  I prophesy that this is the season you will get to know God in ways you’ve never thought.  He will speak peace concerning your situation.  He will give you victory over the challenges that have held you down and held you back. 

The doubters will believe, when they see God’s power manifested in your life.  Those who have rejected you will seek you when they see the promotion of God’s power upon you. 

Those who did not believe you were worthy will learn that you are worth even more than what you have received.  God will set you apart by His word.  His word will bring you out!  His sure mercies are a covenant to you.  Every promise you embrace in the book of Psalms will be yours; every thing you claim you will receive because you have trusted in the word of the Lord.  God is saying to you today, MY WORD WILL CAUSE YOU TO GROW, MY WORD WILL FEED YOUR SOUL AND YOU WILL LIVE.  Not a single thing in your life is going to happen without God.  He will defend you and prosper you.  Because you have called upon His name, because you have meditated in His word day and night, you will receive miracle working from heaven.

The angels will back you.  They will walk this walk with you and protect you.  The God of gods has assigned His special agents over your life.  The Spirit of the Lord Jesus Christ is your covering; He governs you in the realm of the Spirit.  There is no force that is powerful enough to remove His blessing and love from your life.  Expect transformation and expect it FAST.  Expect your FUTURE to be blessed.  Expect ACCELERATED Blessings.  Expect SPIRITUAL DOMINION with the angels against the devil.  Expect that your bodily TEMPLE will be separated, cleansed, and made perfectly whole.  Jesus is going to do it for you.  Today, I assure that if you prioritize buying your blessings from the Lord Jesus Christ without money, that you will be more satisfied than if you try to buy it from the world. 

Let God do it all for you.  Seek the Kingdom first.  Walk in the power of His word and His Spirit.  You will not be defeated and you will not lose. If God promised it, it will surely come to pass. Pray, Absolute Fast, Read the Word of God, and Give; you will be promoted and prosper to the top in Jesus name!  BELIEVE!  You will soar in 2024.

References: Isaiah 55, Matthew 6:33, Matthew 7

Go to and select “Kingdom Leadership and Join the Kingdom School. We meet every Sunday for Private Kingdom Leadership Development. You will become the next spiritual leader of your community.


In His service,

Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith


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- Pastor Dr. Jimmy Griffith

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I believe and I receive it in JESUS Christ mighty name AMEN 🙏🏽💖🙏🏽💖


This is the most encouraging word I have ever heard and I believe every word of it I’m expecting every single word that is written here in the name of Jesus I receive it I apply it to my life in Jesus holy name glory to God thank you Jesus for this prophetic encouraging word thank you Lord


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