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Put in Your Promise Paperwork and Apply and Wait for Your Blessing

1. If you want to receive, give abundantly

2. If you want the windows of heaven open over your life, tithe to God

3. If you want a house, take care of the aborted children

4. If you want to be a millionaire, give your wealth without measure

5. If you want God’s commanded blessing, dwell in unity with the family of God

6. If you want a blessed family, fear the Lord

7. If you want the devil to be rebuked, tithe to God

8. If you want God to reward you openly; pray, fast, and give in secret

9. If you want trample on principles, call on the name of Jesus

10. If you want to heal the demon possessed, fast and pray

11. If you want to restore generations, you must fast and pray

12. If you want to have a blessed marriage, keep God’s commandments and tithe

13. If you want to have friends, show yourself friendly

If this word blesses you, type AMEN and SHARE!

If you need prayer dial 1-833-552-7770

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Pastor Dr Jimmy Griffith

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